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Software for Carbon Credit Markets

The market for carbon credits is expected to multiply over the coming years with a current market size of over $250 billion! Enhance your carbon industry presence with Xeptagon carbon market software.

The state-of-the-art software developed by Xeptagon for carbon trading and carbon markets that includes carbon exchanges to work along with carbon registries and carbon MRV (Measurement, Reporting, and Verification) systems supports the full lifecycle of carbon credit programs as well facilitates seamless over-the-counter transfers and real-time trading. Our blockchain integration makes sure all carbon credit transactions are immutable for increased transparency. In addition, each carbon credit is individually traceable as a token on the blockchain.

Our software for trading Carbon Credits is suitable for national-level and corporate implementations as well as implementations targeting the SME sector. With our prior experience in building carbon market software for inter-governmental organizations and corporates across the globe, we are confident that Xeptagon is the ideal software vendor to implement your next-generation carbon market software.

Transform your Climate Business with our Software for Carbon Markets

Xeptagon software for carbon markets and carbon trading will enable your climate business to build a global presence and stay ahead of the competition. Our innovative technology solutions will give you the ability to facilitate real-time reliable and transparent carbon transactions at lower maintenance and running costs.


Carbon Lifecycle Support

Carbon credits are issued after a lengthy collaborative effort such that each credit represents a verifiable reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. The carbon market software along with MRV and registry supports the management of the complete carbon credit lifecycle and the programme lifecycle.

Our trading software system supports the processes of programme registration, verification, certification, credit issuance and retirement among others through the dedicated API endpoints and easy-to-use user interfaces. The features are easily customisable based on your requirements and each user is authenticated with clear access demarcations.

Realtime Trading

Xeptagon's carbon credit trading systems supports carbon credit transfers and transactions where participants can easily buy and sell carbon credits.

The system supports real-time trading and settlement where credits can be directly purchased from order books. In addition, the system also supports over-the-counter (OTC) transactions for transfers that require offline negotiations, a common case for corporate clients and large orders.


Dynamic Credit Calculations

There are dozens of types of projects from multiple categories that generate carbon credits. Each type of project has its calculation methodology and a set of parameter configurations.

Xeptagon carbon credit management system uses a dynamic rule engine to calculate the carbon credit quantities during the issuance. The rules for calculation methodologies and the parameters can be easily and quickly updated through the rule engine without going through lengthy development workflows. In addition, each credit issued is associated with a serial number and versioning to identify the exact methodology and configurations used.

Blockchain Integration

Fraud, lack of transparency and accountability are significant concerns associated with global carbon markets. With these concerns in mind, our carbon trading systems was designed with a blockchain integration where all carbon credit transactions are written on an immutable blockchain.

Our blockchain enables organizations to easily track each carbon credit transaction providing the required transparency. Currently, we support cloud-based AWS QLDB as the blockchain integration. The integration can also be extended to any other Layer 1 blockchain solution such as Ethereum, Avalanche, Internet Computer Protocol etc.


Tokenized Tracking

In an industry first, each carbon credit issued by the Xeptagon carbon registry is tokenized using our blockchain integration.

As a result, each carbon credit can be individually tracked and verified publicly using our blockchain token explorer throughout its lifecycle from issuance to retirement. All additional details associated with the token are linked to the token.

Multi-Party Connectivity

Carbon credit management involves the collaboration of multiple parties such as regulatory bodies, MRV (Measurement, Reporting, and Verification) systems, independent certifiers, other registries, exchanges etc.

Xeptagon carbon trading software system is designed to connect multiple external parties through our API gateways for seamless operations.


Monitoring Dashboard

Xeptagon carbon registry is builtin with an attractive dashboard to monitor all carbon credit transactions and other activities. The dashboard provides real-time updates with the ability to run complex analytics to generate valuable business insights.

Low Cost Deployment

Xeptagon carbon trading systems are 100% deployed on AWS (Amazon Web Services) Cloud. Our modularized cloud-based deployment uses the latest software stack on AWS and is configured to operate at a low cost. The system is designed for automated scaling and high reliability.


Easily Customizable

Not all carbon registries and carbon markets are the same. We have made sure to design our carbon registry system in an easily customizable modular manner to add components that are essential for your deployment as well as remove any irrelevant components. Updating calculation methodologies is easier with rule-based credit calculations.

In addition, our experienced development team will work with your team to customize the system to cater for your unique requirements.

International Deployments

We are also in the process of developing a Carbon Registry and a National MRV (Measurement, Reporting, and Verification) system for a global inter-governmental organization. The advanced system also leverages blockchain technology and will facilitate the issuance, transfer, certification, tracking and other required tasks of the carbon credit lifecycle.

Based on our prior experience in the carbon trading domain, related to projects undertaken with global organizations, as well as with the academic network with global universities, we believe Xeptagon will be an ideal fit for you as a development partner.


Latest from Xeptagon

Here are a few latest updates from Xeptagon on the carbon trading domain. Refer to our blog for a more complete list of our latest work.

xeptagon partners with kiuda

Xeptagon develops a Carbon Credit Exchange for South Korean Kiuda

Xeptagon is excited to partner with South Korean Kiuda Holdings to develop a state-of-the-art carbon credit exchange using Xeptagon’s core Climate Finance technology framework. The investment arm of South Korea's SK Securities has invested in Kiuda as the seed investor. SK Securities is a well-known and leading global brand based in South Korea. Xeptagon is the core technology partner of Kiuda Carbon Exchange.
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Xeptagon at Cyberport

Xeptagon launches in Cyberport targeting Climate Finance Services

Xeptagon is excited to announce the launch of business operations in Hong Kong with a new office at the Cyberport. Xeptagon is also honored to receive a prestigious grant from Cyberport enabling us to further expand our business operations in Hong Kong. The grant programme is awarded to promising and innovative startups that have a proven high growth potential. Xeptagon’s new venture in Cyberport will primarily focus on the Climate Finance and Energy Optimization domain.
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Xeptagon contracted to deploy the Carbon Registry of UNDP for Namibia

Xeptagon is excited to announce being contracted to deploy the latest National Carbon Registry developed by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) for Namibia. The deployment will further enable and enhance Namibian entities to actively participate in carbon trading and climate markets. Xeptagon is also honoured to be a part of the development team of this national carbon registry.
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Xeptagon at Hong Kong Fintech Week 2023

Xeptagon showcases Climate Tech at Hong Kong Fintech Week 2023

Xeptagon was one of the 500 exhibitors at the Hong Kong Fintech Week 2023. Xeptagon had a booth at the conference that attracted many high-profile conference visitors including representatives from HKEX, JPMorgan, EY, DBS Bank and top-tier venture capital firms. We also showcased our latest technology and software that could be used in supporting Climate Finance and Carbon Trading initiatives.
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Xeptagon at ICT Spring

Xeptagon Showcases Climate Tech Products at ICT Spring

Xeptagon had an exciting time at the ICT Spring 2023 held at LUXEXPO THE BOX, Luxembourg with a key focus on Sustainable Transformation, FinTech, Big Data & Cloud, Web3 and AI among others. The global tech conference attracted over 5,000 IT professionals from over 70 countries. The attendees and Luxembourg organizations had a great interest in our booth to understand our latest Climate Tech capabilities supporting carbon trading.
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Xeptagon at AFF

Xeptagon showcases Carbon Trading Technology at Asian Financial Forum

Xeptagon took part in the Asian Financial Forum (AFF) 2023 held in Hong Kong. The event brought together many global financial thought leaders in person with the participation of industry leaders, policymakers, fintech innovators and investors from over 80 countries. With the event having a core focus on sustainability and decarbonization this year, Xeptagon was able to introduce the recent work carried out in the Carbon Credit Registry and Carbon Credit Trading domains to the participants.
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