Intelligent Production Scheduling
Xeptagon production scheduling

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As the world undergoes rapid progression, factories need to keep pace by quickly adapting to face these new challenges. At present, many large factories find it challenging to intelligently schedule production plans that utilize factory machinery, labor, energy, and other resources in an optimized and efficient manner.

Xeptagon Intelligent Production Scheduling (IPS) uses the latest advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) based algorithms and goes beyond Industry 4.0 to optimize the decisions made in the manufacturing process. The IPS system achieves these targets through its AI-based intelligent decision-maker and an Internet of Things (IoT) based real-time factory floor monitoring system.

28% Increase in
User Efficiency*
42% Reduction in
Unplanned Downtime*
18% Boost in
Factory Productivity*
50% Reduction in
Production Wastage*

Core Features of Xeptagon IPS

Xeptagon IPS system brings advanced Industry 4.0 features to your business with data driven decision-making. Our innovative technology will give you an edge over competitors and global challenges. Here are some of our core features.

Production Scheduling & Planning

Streamline your production processes with our intelligent production scheduling and capacity planning system. Handle day to day operations, rush orders, machine breakdowns, and maintenance scheduling with ease using Xeptagon IPS.


Real-time Monitoring & Reporting

Optimize your production processes with real-time monitoring and intelligent reports using our intelligent production scheduling software, Xeptagon IPS. Gain valuable insights and respond promptly to changes by identifying patterns and trends. Explore how Xeptagon IPS can improve your responsiveness, efficiency, and quality control.


Predictive Maintenance

Xeptagon IPS in line with the latest advances of Industry 4.0 is launching a core software module on Condition Monitoring Predictive Maintenance for factory machines. The component analyses IoT sensor data through AI-based algorithms to evaluate the working conditions of the machines and early identify machine faults, categorize faults, and even estimate the time to the next machine failure is likely to occur.


Transform your Factory with Xeptagon IPS

Xeptagon IPS will give you quantifiable financial gains by scheduling the factory machinery, labor, energy, and other resources in an optimized manner with the highest utilization. This will also enable the factory management to focus on more important tasks, such as product improvement and new product development, while day-to-day challenges are managed by IPS.

Cloud Deployed

Xeptagon IPS is 100% deployed on the AWS Cloud. Our modularized cloud-based deployment uses the latest software stack on AWS and is configured to operate at a low cost. The system is designed for automated scaling and high reliability.

Easily Customizable

Not all factories are the same. We have made sure to design Xeptagon IPS in an easily customizable modular manner to suit multiple business domains from manufacturing to energy heavy operations.

Plug & Play IoT

Quickly deployable plug and play IoT framework to work with the latest cloud implementations. Our state-of-the-art IoT devices can be configured remotely and installed by maintenance engineers with minimal training.

External Connectivity

Connect Xeptagon IPS with your favorite off-the-shelf ERP systems, HR systems or any of your in-house proprietary systems that have an API. Xeptagon IPS is designed to work along with your existing software systems to further improve their core functions.

Expert Consultancy

Our experts, with years of big data handling and research experience with top ranked universities around the world, will offer tailor-made consultations that suit your business. After analyzing your data, we will provide advice which will target company specific issues.

Achieve SDGs

Xeptagon IPS will help stakeholders be more sustainable and create value while increasing the top line, reducing costs, and uplifting employee productivity. We specifically support achieving United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 9 and 12.

Case Studies for Xeptagon IPS

Xeptagon IPS is designed to be easily applied for different industrial domains. Here are some industries our system was successfully deployed to.

Production Optimization for Cable Manufacturing

Cable manufacturing is a complicated process with multiple dependencies on raw materials, machines, and bobbins. Learn how Xeptagon IPS optimized the production process and increased the production capacity of a large cable factory while our predictive maintenance systems monitor critical machines to avoid machine breakdowns.
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Capacity Planning for Solid Tyre Manufacturing

Solid tyre manufacturing is a time-consuming, multi-step process which can be easily optimized, and multiple steps can run in parallel based on machine availability. Xeptagon IPS increased the output capacity of a solid tyre manufacturer by efficiently parallelizing the production process.
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Energy Optimization for High Capacity Chiller Plants

Within Building Management Systems, chiller plants are the most energy-intensive component that needs to be optimized to reduce energy costs. Read how Xeptagon uses data-driven chiller plant optimization coupled with IoT sensors to enable real-time optimization with up to 25% energy savings.
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International Recognition

Xeptagon was selected to the Berlin Landing Pad 2022 program, which is funded by the European Union as a response to the Covid-19 pandemic and supported by the Berlin Senate. The project is organized by Enpact and implemented in cooperation with Berlin Partner for Economics and Technologies, Betahaus and Bosch Startup Harbour.

In addition, Xeptagon was also selected as a finalist in the Asia Berlin Summit 2022 Start Up pitching competition to pitch about Xeptagon IPS. The Asia Berlin Summit is the annual summit of year-long Asia Berlin activities where policymakers, startups, and investors meet to discuss the newest tech trends and cross-border collaboration between Asia and Berlin, Germany.

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1I already have IoT devices installed in my factory. Will Xeptagon IPS work with my current IoT installations?

Yes, Xeptagon IPS will work with your current IoT installations, and you need not invest further in new IoT devices. We can directly connect your current data streams of your IoT devices or access the data from your cloud server.

However, we will make recommendations if your current IoT installations require further improvements.

2Will Xeptagon IPS work with modern machines or older machines?

Xeptagon IPS is compatible with any machine that produces data outputs. For modern machines, we can directly access the data through the PLC boards if the data is available. For older machines, we can fix IoT devices to access the required data. IoT installations will be plug-and-play with minimal to no changes on your machines.

3Can I integrate existing software such as HR, and ERP systems with Xeptagon IPS?

Having data on your stocks and human resources can further improve efficiency gains from Xeptagon IPS. For example, we use ERP systems to get details about stocks for production planning and HR systems to identify individuals who are most suited for the job.

As a result, you can connect Xeptagon IPS with your favorite off-the-shelf ERP systems, HR systems or any of your in-house proprietary systems that have an API.

4Is Xeptagon IPS limited to a few manufacturing domains?

The core Xeptagon IPS system is designed to be easily customizable for different manufacturing domains.

For example, Xeptagon IPS currently runs on a cable manufacturing plant, a solid tyre manufacturing plant as well as a large chiller plant.

5What are the deployment models for Xeptagon IPS?

Xeptagon IPS can be deployed on your AWS cloud server, we can also run it as a service on our cloud servers.

6Can I access Xeptagon IPS from anywhere?

Yes, thanks to our cloud deployment, Xeptagon IPS can be accessed from anywhere using a web browser or your mobile phone.

In addition, Xeptagon IPS generates intelligent alerts on critical events over push notifications and emails where necessary.

7Can Xeptagon IPS be customized to suit my unique requirements?

Yes, Xeptagon IPS is easily customizable. Should you require a specialized report or a new alert type, the platform can be adjusted.

In addition, Xeptagon has a pool of experts including PhD holders in data science and machine learning from globally ranked universities. We will go through your data and make specialized recommendations.

8Can I purchase only the predictive maintenance component of Xeptagon IPS?

Yes, Xeptagon IPS is modularized and can be deployed selectively. We can deploy any combination of reporting, monitoring, scheduling, and predictive maintenance components.