DEC 2021

Advanced Tools for Domain Drop Catching

Xeptagon has developed an AI based Domain Drop Catching service for an accredited domain registrar in Europe. Domain drop catching requires ultra high speed distributed and intelligent systems to competitively operate against the comptetitors in the industry. Our system has achieved very success rates.
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Dec 2021

Xeptagon Powers Uber-style Mobile Application for Tutoring

Xeptagon developed an Uber-style mobile application to connect teachers, parents and students. The application provides the ability to browse tutors, book offline and online tutoring sessions, provide reviews as well as to conduct online live tutoring sessions.
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SEP 2021

NFT Marketplace for East Asia

The origin of Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) can be traced back to 2014 although they are getting popular among users now as it is a convenient method to do transactions for digital items. The number of transactions for NFTs has grown rapidly and is now in billions of dollars.
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